Wednesday, December 17, 2008

we all have those days!!

I really think the this sums it all up, don't you?  We all have those days, some more often than others, but we all have them!
What was your most recent OMG WTF day?
I see to have those moments more as the girls get older.  They come up with the most "interesting" things sometimes.  For example, last night I went to say good night to Little G and I could fill a brown paper grocery bag with all the things she had under, yes UNDER, her pillow!  Not very discrete - her pillow was elevated off the bed with all the stuff she was trying to hide from me.  I immediately reclaimed all the things that belonged to me and filled her arms with it and instructed her to immediately return it to my room where they belonged!  The selection was so random that I have yet to figure out exactly what the goal was other than to see how many things she could stuff under her pillow!  Sad to say that Little G is the most likely source of my OMG WTF moments lately - at least she gives me some blogging material!!

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Ranch Girl said...

Can you say 'future hoarder?!' Or, maybe 'hoarder in training?' Sounds like it amuses you - that's good - a good laugh over stuff like this is always good :-)