Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Cool, huh? I am always amused by these days for some reason! Big S and I had a discussion about how this won't happen again in either of our lifetimes - she wasn't completely convinced. She was, in her defense, half asleep still. Anyway, they said on the news that the next time something similar will happen is 2101: 01-01-2101 to be exact! Guessing I probably won't be around for that one either, so better make this one count! Any celebration ideas? Ann Curry suggested 9 glasses of wine - that would work if we didn't have to get up tomorrow. Oh well, better think of something else! I hope everyone enjoys this once-in-a-lifetime day!!

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wyowoman said...

lol - google pulled up your blog for me, cause I was looking for celebration ideas becuase I, too, am "amused by these days" :). Your post has me thinking, why won't this happen again in our lifetimes? Doesn't 10/10/10 count? what am I missing? (and 11/11/11 and 12/12/12?)