Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The final installment.....

Just a few random, final thoughts that didn't fit in any other post, so you get them now!!
The Scenic Drive signs are so cool, very retro looking, but I must say, they didn't seem as easy to follow as I would have expected them to be.
Really? OK, so it doesn't ACTUALLY say anything bad, but the intent to fool your eyes in undeniable, would you agree? This is a store right in the middle of Union Circle. I'm just saying...
My sweet girls braving the SF Bay "breezes" down at Fisherman's Wharf" beside our beautiful "energy conserving" red H3!!
I love that down at the Wharf they have collected trolley cars from all over the world that tun up and down the waterfront - the girls liked seeing which one was coming next!!
Approaching the Golden Gate bridge at dusk - the fog appeared to be coming back in - at this point we were still in the car, thus creating some cool movement in the picture!
Closer to the base AND out of the car! Without the tripod, it was still a little hard to eliminate all the movement because of the long exposure, but we all agreed the shot looked pretty cool anyway!

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