Monday, August 31, 2009

Ok, just a little more from Alcatraz........

I know you thought that I was done with the Alcatraz pictures - after all, it was only one day - not actually 24 hours, so part of a day, but the more I looked, the more I needed to share, but I promise this is the last installment... for now at least! Wonder how those lucky few got there?
the welcome mat, like anyone wants to see that and certainly they could not have been excited like, "Yea! they are happy I'm here!!"
and the showers - at least they were thinking green and trying to save water and conserve energy - that was their goal, right?
Some old building, not where the prisoners were housed, but I think some of them worked there - can't complain about the commute!!
one of the look out towers - bet they got cold and lonely spending 8 hours a day up there - and what if they needed a potty break?
a door to nowhere....
leaving Alcatraz behind, it doesn't look so bad from far away
We enjoyed our time there much more than those who spent time in the "little rooms with bars" did I imagine! I definitely recommend a visit if you are in the Bay area!!

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