Friday, August 14, 2009

Day six, Napa Valley California - part one

Yes, I know there's no day four or five, we spent most of them in the car and although we had a lovely dinner with some friends that Hubby used to work with on day four, I failed to take a single picture - bummer. Anyway, some memories must find away to stay intact in that tired little brain of mine I guess! Day five Hubby left us again to play golf with the father of the groom and a couple of the groom's friends, so the girls and I meandered up to Napa and spent a little time by the pool and connecting with some of the other early arrivals!! Days six and on have way too many pictures, you'll be glad I skipped a day or two!!
So, our first full day in Napa started with a siblings wine tasting! That meant Baby Sister, her hubby-to-be and his twin brother along with me and my hubby! Hubby to be (soon to be referred to as BIL - brother in law) had a little "work" to take care of so the laptop went on the road with us, but we were able to get it out of his hands and replace it with a glass of wine pretty quickly!!!
Baby Sister and Hubby listening to the tour guide explain the differences in the soil all around the Napa and Sonoma area - she can't even fake looking interested in dirt! Just waiting for the tasting part of the tour!!
Wish my basement looked like this!
Yummy, yummy, yummy!! Nickel and Nickel wines were fabulous!!
The entire group we tasted with - one couple was from Chicago, the other from Seattle - it was a fun group and we were sooooo excited when they gave us our "boxes" to take home!!
The fake entrance to Nickel and Nickel - cool pix huh?
Their labels look just like this sign - very pretty!
Baby Sister and Hubby-to-be at lunch. Aren't they cute?
Hubby and Hubby-to-be's twin brother!
Lunch was super yummy, but we didn't allow enough time to actually enjoy it - we had missed our first tasting to sleep in (still jet lagged?) made it to Nickel and Nickel for the "2nd" tasting and did not want to miss the third, so we ate half our lunch in 5 minutes and took the rest to go! The Rutherford Cafe was tasty and accommodating!!
So, that was the first part of the day, tomorrow, part two! I know you can hardly wait!!

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Juliana said...

So fun to see these pictures! Can't wait to see the rest of them! Wish we were back there you big sis!