Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day six, Napa Valley California - part two

Yes, we tasted some more - tasted, not guzzled (it's not polite apparently). There's a gorgeous little winery called Swanson's tucked off a side road - the kind of place you need to know about, not one that you would stumble over otherwise. And of course, by appointment only - we're cool that way!
The inside of the tasting room was absolutely beautiful - decorated by the wife of the owner I believe, red-orange walls and these really neat paintings on all four walls all the way up to the cathedral ceiling and this sweet chandelier hanging above the tasting table. I'm surprised they let us in!
Each place was set just like this with an interesting variety of foods that will accompany the wines that we were going to be tasting - they were to enhance the flavors of the wine, but both were fabulous on their own too!
Post second wine tasting, we took a couple pictures in this little tee pee thing outside in the gardens. Hubby and I are a classy couple and enjoy posing for formal portraits whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Just to be fair - he has no more class than I do ;)
Can you guess where our last stop of the day was...... just a final "errand" to take care of, no big deal or anything!
Baby sister's Hubby to be signing his life away!!
The happy couple right before they make it official - still smiling!
Stay tuned friends, there is way more to come still!!

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