Thursday, August 6, 2009

I know that you have all missed me! I was out of town for a couple weeks - vacation and my baby sister's wedding - all of which I will share with you in great detail, do not fear! We arrived home at 1am monday night/tuesday morning and had to be at the middle school for 6th grade orientation tuesday morning! I have felt like I was swimming underwater for the last couple days with my jet lag - the girls on the other hand were wired for sound! Of course there is NO interest in getting up in the morning and bedtime has not adjusted either, so we are battling jet lag and trying to get on schedule for school which begins in 6 days! Big S created a plan for getting herself on schedule for her 6am middle school mornings - we suggested that she was a little ambitious and this morning was confirmation of that! If anyone has any miracle working plans for getting kids back on a school year sleeping schedule in less than a week, by all means share your wisdom! I promise posts full of our Cali vacation and baby sister's fabulous wedding soon!!!!

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