Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day two, Santa Cruz California...

We started out the day slowly, Hubby left late last night to connect with some golfing buddies for two days - see ya! The girls and I slept in and had hoped to connect with some friends from the old days, but not feeling great, we reluctantly decided to lay low at the hotel and later took a ride over to Santa Cruz to see the sights. Our intent was just to have a nice drive, but when we crossed over the mountains, it was so beautiful that we had to get out and walk around a little bit. That's when this happened! It may not look like much to you, but it was about the size of a ping pong ball almost immediately after I fell, I mean after the road jumped up and tripped me! In my defense, the lady at the store where we stopped to buy cheapo towels and get ice for my knee told me it happens a lot because the pavement is uneven and there are gaps between the asphalt and the track that run down the middle of the road. She said the week before some guy kissed the road after his motorcycle flipped him off in the same spot - maybe I could make some $$ off this moment of humiliation! Actually, no one seemed to notice my laying in the middle of the road or if they did, they didn't think I looked bad enough to stop and see if I needed help, so maybe I should feel too embarrassed or maybe the folks in Santa Cruz just aren't very nice. Either way, it hurt like the dickens and looked really ugly - two + weeks later it still isn't totally healed. Poor me!
So, while the girls frolicked, I sat on a towel and this was my view...
and this...
and this cute little thing stuck close by to make sure Momma was ok!
these two had no problem wandering off and letting me fend for myself! I guess one out of three isn't bad :)
They did tiptoe a little into the water, just barely! I would say the swimsuits were unnecessary - they could have rolled up their pant legs for as far as they got in!
the ocean is still the ocean I guess! Little G looks like she might get bold, but faked me out!
Of course getting the sand out of the nooks and crannies is important business!!
The boardwalk looked like fun, but we just watched from the street - my girls are no daredevils! Maybe next time!
Big S took my camera on the ride back to Morgan Hill and caught this view as we headed back up over the mountains near Watsonville...
she really couldn't get over how cool the hills looked - we don't have hills of any size where we live!!
we thought this raspberry farm in Watsonville looked really cool!
It was the end of a beautiful day that started out kinda yucky. We were sad that we missed out with a day at the waterpark with our friends over at Cheaper Than Therapy but it was a good day none the less!!

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Jenni said...

You don't have hills that SIZE where you live? You don't have hills. You have to come see us. No ocean but amazing views. We say big horn sheep today.