Tuesday, August 25, 2009

rice-a-roni, the San Francisco treat........

So, after all the fun, wine, chaos, wine,family, wine, celebrations, wine of the last several days, it was back down to the five us us, packed into our "fuel efficient" red hummer H3 and headed to the big city!! To say that San Fran gave us an accurate sampling of it's infamous weather - just because it's in California and it's on the coast, doesn't mean it has to be warm and sunny!! Ever!!!
Of course we had to drive the girls over the Golden Gate bridge - not that you could see it that day!! Glad we weren't trying to fly anywhere that day - the fog was serious!! Safety awareness zone - darn tootin'!
Speed limit 45? In this fog? We might have been going 25 at our peak!
I swear there is a great big bridge in there somewhere - it's red, it shouldn't be that hard to see!
A slightly better glimpse!
Spoke too soon!
Of course you have to check out the trolley cars when you are in San Francisco!
Lombard street - a must see also! The windiest street in the US (or so they claim!), it is beautiful with all the flowers and the cute little row houses!
And a fabulous view!
we decided it was be really fun to sled down - too bad they never get snow!!!
they do work hard to keep all the landscaping looking nice - it's hard to get stuff to bloom year round!
I thought the prettiest flowers were the ones on the front of this house - the picture really doesn't do it justice, but they were a really bright mulberry color!
I final glance at where we had come from!
Of course Lombard Street isn't exactly a secret, so you can wait in line quite a while if you don't know the short cuts to get to the top! More tomorrow..

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