Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day Seven, Napa Valley California - part one

The countdown continued and after a day full of last minute details, it was time to concentrate on the details that really mattered - the wedding ceremony! We met at Auberge for the rehearsal and the happy couple were beaming!!
Baby Sister, Hubby to be, his three boys H, T and P and my nephew - soon to be one big happy family!! Check out the view behind them! It was an amazing place to stand and look out over the valley!
Of course I had to take a picture of my three crazy girls too!! Look like trouble don't they!
Little G and Little S practicing walking down the aisle together - they were the flower girls!
Big S walking down the aisle - she's got the red shirt and white skirt on - I know it's far away, but I wanted to show the whole decking area where the ceremony was going to be!
I loved this part of the ceremony! Dad walked Baby Sister half way down the aisle then her passed her off to my nephew for the second half. It was a really special moment!
Then my nephew passed her off to Hubby to be! Also very sweet! Hubby to be ready to make this happen for real!
Later that night, all the wedding guests who were in town gathered at a place called Hall Rutherford for the rehearsal dinner. It began with a cocktail hour and I actually got someone to take our picture before I ran off to take pictures of everyone else!
The Canadian faction of the family (well not all of them, but the representatives!) - my aunt S (mom's sister), my uncle M(mom's brother), Mom, my uncle's wife J, Dad, my cousin C
This is what boys ages 10 to 14 do at a cocktail party....
and what the girls do.....
We then had to walk down the hill to the "cave" where dinner was to be served - hubby and Little S were so cute!
That is the end of part one. Sorry, but the "cave" was so amazing that I decided to divide things up again - too many fun pictures so you'll have to wait until tomorrow!

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Merrie said...

I almost cried at the nephew handoff picture. That is really precious and a wonderful way to have included him. Your sister is lovely. :)