Monday, August 24, 2009

party on.....

The vows were said, the couple's wed, let's party!!! This picture is me and my dear friend E - ok, technically she was my mom's friend first - from before the time she dated my dad even! Even so, E and I have become good friends all on our own, but since we live so far apart, it was fabulous to get to spend some time together! We had grand plans of spending an afternoon together, but things were just too crazy, so that didn't happen, sadly. Anyway, this is proof that we were actually near each other for more than 10 seconds!! Someday we'll get that afternoon we planned!
My new nephews P and T practicing some sort of secret handshake - I guess it's not a secret now - ooops!!
the happy couple sharing a private laugh! isn't that view gorgeous?
my darling family! ain't they cute?
look at those eyes! what a doll!
THE cake
Baby sister bride's slice - what a nice touch! my piece didn't have any writing but it was super yummy!!
my new BIL toasting his new family - 4 boys - wow! baby sister is totally outnumbered!!
BIL dragged Little S out on the dance floor - she's so shy, but I could tell that she was very pleased - she even stayed and danced with a few other people afterwards - a first for certain!!
Big S has a minute bit more dance experience than her sisters but she was a little shy getting out there the first time too - it didn't take her long to warm up tho!!
NEVER to be outdone by her sisters, Little G was cutting a rug with BIL before long too! How cute are they?
Baby sister bride and darling nephew J have some serious dance moves - I suspect that they had practiced a bit beforehand!!
It is always dangerous for the band to take a break and leave the microphones unattended - as you can see! bridesmaid K, E, L and G were not shy and certainly that out does talent any day ;) actually, they weren't all that bad! L sang us a tune in the van later that night on the way back to the hotel - she can definitely carry a tune! thanks for the serenade!!
next stop, San Francisco.........

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