Sunday, August 23, 2009

more from the wedding day....

This is my all time favorite picture from the wedding! I'm dying to know what Baby sister thinks of it, but I love it!! It's going in my portfolio!!
they joined the ranks of modern brides and grooms and met privately before the wedding and then had some of their pictures taken together before the ceremony - look at him just drinking her in - so sweet, so sappy!!
Tiffany took us to this cool caboose - her pictures are amazing, this is just to prove that I was there!!
and here's the famous Ms. Tiffany Fosnight busy at work!!
me and bridesmaid K - she wears it so much better than I do, but I still think we looked pretty good!
Tomorrow, the reception!!!!


Juliana said...

You look fabulous! I love you in this dress! And, well, I want a poster of that winking picture!

"bridesmaid K" said...

Oh, my goodness---this is SUPER cool! You got some GREAT shots--I have to say that I appreciate the food pics :-) I have raved to everyone about the wedding weekend, from the scenery to the venues to the most tasty food ever!! Love your comments---thanks for posting these!!