Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day Seven, Napa Valley California - part three

So, we finally make it through a fabulous dinner and people start to mingle and socialize - even my three crazy girls!
Baby sister and her son (my darling nephew!)
Hubby to be starts out the toasts for the night by thanking everyone there and toasting his bride to be!
Then Dad got up - he might be a man of few words, but he always gets teary-eyed at sentimental moments - we can count on it!!
Hubby joined in on the fun and welcomed hubby to be and his 3 sons into the fold and thanked him for upping the testosterone levels!!
Uncle B is always super cool and gave a lovely toast to the bride and groom...
followed immediately by Aunt P (his wife and Dad's sister) eloquent as always!
Then Mom had a few words for the happy couple...
then Uncle M (part of the Canadian clan) offered some advice for second marriages...
a representative from the rowdy quarterback club joined in on the fun... he is quite the sanppy dresser!!
fellow bridesmaid K was well prepared - script and all! it was very sweet
cousin C (another one of those crazy Canadians) even had props!!
L, a good friend from grad school had a few things to share with the group...
and college friend and roommate had a few more stories!!
The toasts and the wine continued to flow! It was really lovely to hear so many people speak with so much love in their hearts for Baby Sister and Hubby to be! We could all hardly wait for the next day!!!

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