Friday, August 21, 2009

the beginning of a beautiful day....

The big day was July 31 in Napa Valley California
a at a lovely little place tucked into the hills called Auberge de Soliel. We met at the couple's bungalow for a morning of beauty prior to the big event! Baby Sister was sweet to include all of us! The girls and I all got our hair done as well as K (the other bridesmaid) and our mom! Of course there were beverages...
Little G had her hair done..... loving the attention!!
Big S went from natural curls to long, straight locks.... she looked so grown-up!
Little S went from straight to curly (ironic huh) and was feeling so pretty!!
I begged them to stop at this point! I thought it looked Fabulous, but they insisted on continuing - I think they didn't want me to upstage the bride!!!
Again, the stylists would not listen to me - I really thought Baby Sister should have gone with this look, once again I was overruled!!
So, that was part of the preparations.. I want to drag this out as long as possible, so you'll have to stay tuned! You must remember that as a photographer, I took over 1500 pix in 13 days! I will not be photoshopping anything for you viewers - you get to see my life in the raw reality that it really is! The editing will be for posterity!!!


A Mom on Spin said...

Looks fabulous! Can't wait to see more!

Juliana said...

This is so much fun! Your blog is the first thing I look at when I wake up! love you