Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summertime realizations...

As summer comes to an end, ok, not actually summer, but summer vacation, I can look back on the last 10 or so weeks and acknowledge a few things....

1. summer goes by too fast if you over-schedule
2. summer goes by too fast if you under-schedule
3. I wouldn't mind summer vacation ending if the weather would just continue indefinitely!
4. it is really hard to get back on a school year schedule if you have slept in all summer and are also jet-lagged!
5. fruit flies are super impossible to get rid of and once you think you've succeeded, they return
6. summer isn't as carefree as it was when I was a kid
7. summer blockbuster movies all come out at the same time and it's usually not the week when it's raining and you have nothing planned
8. Blockbuster is my best friend on rainy summer days
9. I hate doing laundry and housework even more during the summer
10. no matter what I promise myself, we never get to the pool as often as I want to
11. it is impossible to visit everyone you want to in just 10 weeks - even is you could convince someone else to pay your travel expenses
12. ice cream containers have gotten WAY smaller than they used to be and a family of five can kill one pretty quickly!
13. there is no such thing as a well scheduled summer
14. quarter midget racing is way cool and super fun to watch!
15. even if you get around to planting your garden, if you're never in town, it doesn't do well
16. what I find interesting and fun isn't always the same as what my kids would find interesting and fun!
17. what the kids find interesting and fun often surprises me
18. thistle is impossible to kill or even control when it takes hold in your yard
19. it's hard not to enjoy the "fruits of the Napa Valley" when visiting AND celebrating a wedding!
20. I love summer!!!!!!

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