Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day one, Monterey California

So, our California adventure began with a super late arrival into San Francisco, an 1 1/2 hour drive to Morgan Hill to our hotel (home base for several days), and crashing since it was 4am body time by the time we saw a bed! The next day we got up and headed south to Monterey to one of our favorite stomping grounds - the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium! The kids didn't remember it at all, but they used to just sit and stare at the different displays for hours when we took them there years ago!
There was a new seahorse exhibit that we all thought was super cool!!
Shockingly, this is a seahorse - crazy weird looking, it totally looked like a plant even up close!
We couldn't get enough of the sea otters! They were so darn cute! They were bathing and washing their faces just like our cats do - we decided they were really sea cats not sea otters!!
The girls were totally digging the sea otter feeding!!
This is one of my favorite pictures of the day!
This guy was super ugly! We loved him!
Of course I can never get enough of the jelly fish exhibit! Monterey did a phenomenal job when they created this!
Aren't they cool?
We met up with my parents and aunt at Bubba Gump's for dinner that night - another favorite haunt of ours - there is ALWAYS a wait but plenty to do on Cannery Row while you are waiting! Aren't we a cute little family? It was freezing that day - heavy fog kept it from even getting into the 60s!
Big S trying on Forest's shoes for size! Good thing they've seen the movie!
My mom (on the left) and her sister - don't they look a lot alike?
Some of the old "apartments" on Cannery Row from the glory days of sardine canning -they were super small, very basic and not very comfortable looking.
If you haven't ever been to Monterey, it's a must see if you are in the region! We always loved it there and will return again at first chance!!!
More to follow tomorrow...

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