Thursday, August 27, 2009

so, you have a place to sleep, now you want to eat?

Hungry? I use the same qualifiers when looking for food as I do when looking for a hotel - good signs! I love the old signs with a hint of neon!! Check out these from San Fran!
well, they might have food too! the sign was too cool to not include!
I could imagine this place hoppin' in the 40s and 50s!! 63 cocktails - how can this place not be fun? and they serve food too?
down at the wharf - looks yummy, not quite as cool as the older signs, but I like the crab!
a really bad picture taken out the car window as we drove by, but the fish was way too cool to not try to get a shot of! I considered asking hubby to drive by a second time, but traffic was just awful, so I thought better of the idea!
This one was waaaay cool! I thought my friend Lori would like it too since she spells her name the same way - she probably doesn't care, but I still liked it a lot!!
so, not the fanciest, not the oldest, not the kitchiest, but by far the most important if you are anywhere near the bay area!!! We stopped for ice cream and did a lap through the store too of course! The girls had no idea what I was so excited about until they got their first taste - then everything became clear to them!! Real women appreciate Ghirardelli!!!! I love you Ghirardelli!
Tomorrow... we spend some time behind bars......

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