Friday, August 28, 2009

I swear officer, I've never seen that before..

interested in spending the rest of your life in this 5'x10' cell? me either, but apparently there was a need for these cozy condos at some point in American history! They call this place... Alcatraz!!!
Big S doesn't look too scared, or too uncomfortable there!!
Little G thinks it's funny - she'd probably prefer this place to losing tv and computer!!
Little S doesn't think it's funny - even for pretend!
imagine walking these halls every day - I can hear the tin cups on the rails now!
For those of you who are light sensitive, they have some "sensory deprivation" rooms for you to enjoy!
Now all that's left are ruins
As usual, the bay was super windy, but I did convince the girls to stand still long enough for me to take this shot - I love the Golden Gate in the background!
and a little closer...
Little G just looked too cute in her shades waiting for the ferry!
Wonder who was trying to get out here........
Like they would "stop" to read this!!
We met this author - she was doing a book signing - she lived on "the Rock" as a child. She was really interesting to talk with - and she had an Indiana connection!
heading out through one of the "tunnels" - the kind that was built, not the kind that was dug with a spoon!
Heading down the hill to the ferry back to the mainland... for some reason I'm always more than a couple steps behind the rest of the gang!
Another fun day in San Francisco! We had a blast on the west coast, but I sure didn't want to stay on the rock overnight!!

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A Mom on Spin said...

Even the pictures give me the creeps!