Saturday, August 22, 2009

wedding day continues...

Getting ready is always half the fun if you ask me... especially if you are with people you enjoy and there's champagne and food!!! Baby sister ask me and the girls, bridesmaid K and mom to hang out together most of the morning and get ready together!! Hair is done, make up, obviously not done yet!!
I've got my dress on and nephew comes in to help him mom! Baby sister decided on REAL buttons all the way down the back of her dress and although mom and I started, we were glad for the help and he was so darn cute, but they were pretty hard to do, so he gave up rather quickly - I don't blame him, I would have too if I'd thought I wouldn't get in a heap o trouble for letting her go down the aisle with the back of her dress half open ;)
strong enough for a man, but is it strong enough for wedding day jitters? sweaty palms are one thing, sweaty pits are quite another!
bridesmaid K and I got to wear these super cute shoes! Aren't they darling? They hurt like a mother after about the first 30 minutes and my dogs were seriously barking by the time the ceremony started, but they looked good and that's all that really matters, right ladies??
Baby sister checking herself out in the mirror - I think she likes what she sees!! Look at all those dang buttons!!!
Big S was the junior bridesmaid - isn't she just beautiful? Her bouquet was a smaller version of mine and bridesmaid K's!
Little G and Little S in their flower girls' dresses! the baskets they are carrying are covered in moss and full of rose petals that they tossed on the aisle and they walked down - ok, the job requirements are obvious but restating them never hurts for those rare few who don't know what a flower girl does!!
Baby sister bride and darling nephew!
Mom and Baby sister bride
Now that's what I'm talking about!! I loved Baby sister's bouquet too!!
close up of the flower girl baskets
Dad seeing Baby sister bride for the first time ready to go down the aisle - he's so sentimental!!
And here is where I stop! I do not have any pictures of the actual ceremony since I was standing up there with Baby sister bride and her Hubby to be, but they had a fabulous photographer named Tiffany Fosnight of Adeline and Grace Photography. You can check out the pictures that she took at her website here !!


Ranch Girl said...

What a great series of posts! It looks like it was a beautiful day. And, the slideshow of the professional photos was great to watch!

Juliana said...

Oh, I love them!! You captured some wonderful moments and angles! Love the pit shot...if only I could put that in the bridal album! oxox, j

Jenni said...

So I said something about the "fake" buttons all the way down my dress recently to which my darling husband says, "You had buttons?" Good thing we work so hard at details.
Also, good to know that the flower girls got to toss pedals they don't get to at OLMC. Btw little S just looks beautiful.

Merrie said...

Everyone looked amazing, and I'm in love with their photographer. My one regret -- didn't hire a true professional. The day looked absolutely perfect -- congrats to your family!!