Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Sister!

Ok, she's not quite a baby anymore, but if she can call me and call me an old lady, I can call her a baby!
Truly, she is my sister and my best friend! We've spent 38 years together (ooops, did I share her age?) and she's always been there when I've needed her!
Love you baby sister!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big S...

So, while I was at home taking care of a now feeling better, but previously puking her guts up Little G, Big S, Little S and Hubby were in Columbus Ohio for a race, which I might add, SHE GOT SECOND PLACE in!!! Thankfully I was able to watch the race live stream on the internet! Not as good as being there, but better than sitting home waiting for the phone call! I am so proud of her! Four months ago she hadn't even been in a quarter midget car, now she is holding her own on the track, gathering sponsors and loving every minute of it!! Check out the latest sponsorship on her car!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I challenge you to leave me a creative message - no normal birthday greeting need post themselves here!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today my mother is celebrating the 30+ anniversary of her 29th birthday!
Tho she may not be happy with me sharing her general age,, too bad, she's off traveling in Italy with my dad, aunt and good friend - she's lucky I didn't give the exact number as payback for not taking me!
I hope she enjoyed a nice meal and a nicer bottle of wine!
Happy Birthday Mom!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Cool, huh? I am always amused by these days for some reason! Big S and I had a discussion about how this won't happen again in either of our lifetimes - she wasn't completely convinced. She was, in her defense, half asleep still. Anyway, they said on the news that the next time something similar will happen is 2101: 01-01-2101 to be exact! Guessing I probably won't be around for that one either, so better make this one count! Any celebration ideas? Ann Curry suggested 9 glasses of wine - that would work if we didn't have to get up tomorrow. Oh well, better think of something else! I hope everyone enjoys this once-in-a-lifetime day!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big S is almost ready to hit the road..

ok, it doesn't look like it here, but you have to follow the process!  After renting a car for most of the season, it finally became for cost effective to buy on.  The good news is that we got a great deal!  The bad news - it needed a little elbow grease!  Hubby took the whole darn thing apart to get it cleaned up properly (and as a learning experience).  Big S and I peeled off all the old Sponsor stickers and some flames and stuff - they aren't giving us any money to run their logos around the track!  And anyway, this is her car, it needs to reflect her personality - and it will - she has big plans!  Anyway, this is how it looked once hubby was tone disassembling the thing!  Like I said before, it's 2/3 roll cage!
the old seat belts - they are only "legal" for a few years, so we got new ones for her.
Shocks, pipes and a bunch of rod things - he took them off and I labeled them for future reference - a tedious job but very necessary for reassembly I imagine!
the old tires - maybe used for practices in the future but the rims are good!  See all that gunky rubber - apparently that's a good thing cuz it shows that you got your tires nice and hot - of course you would need to scrap it all off before you ran on them again (or so they tell me, I'm just learning!)
so, that's it roll cage and gas tank - now the real works begins!  Luckily the piece now headed to a friend's garage where he and hubby will rebuild this baby together and if all goes according to plan, she will be practising in it later this week and racing on the 12th!  We may have the next Danica in our midst!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday LuLu!

Great Grandma LuLu has a birthday today! A Lady doesn't share her age, but we can confirm the she is old enough to legally collect social security ;) Hubby's grandmother is one of only two great grandparents that the girls have left - the other being his other grandmother - good genes on both sides!

The final installment.....

Just a few random, final thoughts that didn't fit in any other post, so you get them now!!
The Scenic Drive signs are so cool, very retro looking, but I must say, they didn't seem as easy to follow as I would have expected them to be.
Really? OK, so it doesn't ACTUALLY say anything bad, but the intent to fool your eyes in undeniable, would you agree? This is a store right in the middle of Union Circle. I'm just saying...
My sweet girls braving the SF Bay "breezes" down at Fisherman's Wharf" beside our beautiful "energy conserving" red H3!!
I love that down at the Wharf they have collected trolley cars from all over the world that tun up and down the waterfront - the girls liked seeing which one was coming next!!
Approaching the Golden Gate bridge at dusk - the fog appeared to be coming back in - at this point we were still in the car, thus creating some cool movement in the picture!
Closer to the base AND out of the car! Without the tripod, it was still a little hard to eliminate all the movement because of the long exposure, but we all agreed the shot looked pretty cool anyway!