Thursday, February 25, 2010

4.) “Why do we watch them? Make fun of soap operas with a piece of writing.” (inspired by writing

Soap Operas, always a controversial topic for some reason; and such judgement that I felt called to address this one! I grew up with extremely limited tv privileges - from after school friday afternoon until dinner time sunday with few exceptions. My parents had the Today Show on in the mornings to catch the news and we were allowed to watch the 6 and 6:30pm new, but that was it. We didn't even have cable until I was in high school - and yes smarty pants out there, it did exist! My parents did watch some tv in the evenings, but we were either doing homework, or I was at dance practice, so once we got used to the rules back in elementary school, it was pretty much a non-issue. That doesn't mean we didn't try! If we were left at home alone, my mom would check the back of the tv to see if it was warm (and therefore had been on when she was gone) and we were totally busted then! During the summer, we were allowed a little more viewing time, although never unrestricted, free reign over the tv! One exception came when we met Mary! Mary came to help clean the house once a week and she was a doll! My sister and I loved her - years later she even came to our weddings! Anyway, Mary LOVED The Young and the Restless and she scheduled her lunch and cleaning in the room with the tv around Y&R! During the summer, we would watch it with her! Truth be told, she got my mom hooked too! Even after Mary stopped coming to our house, mom managed to eat her lunch with Victor, Niki and the Y&R crew! My viewing habits have come and gone over the years - during college I might have watched it here and there - and thankfully you can miss months at a time and still pick it up again pretty quickly! Anyway, after college I worked 3-12 hour shifts and 1-4 hour shift per week so I was home during the weekday sometimes, so I would visit my old friends at Y&R from time to time! Well, after kids, I was often too busy with them to have the tv on and if it was on, it was on kids shows! My MIL has watched Days of Our Lives FOREVER - like I believe she listed to it as a kids on the radio (if I'm wrong, sorry MIL, that's the story in my head!). Anyway, when she visits here or when we visit her, we sometimes get a chance to watch it with her! She dvr's it so it's not like we are forced into anything, but she explains what's going on and BOOM, we are hooked again! Well, this time Big S and I are both hooked! I started watching Days on my own and then started dvr-ing it when I wasn't home, and sometimes I would watch it with her around, and NOW she is hooked too! I apologize. That was never my intent, it just happened. Now, I have to wait until she gets home from school and we watch it while she has her after school snack. Have I scarred her for life? I doubt it! Hopefully not! So few soaps are even left on tv - who's to say how much longer the remaining few will even be around?
As far as addressing the question; why do we watch? I'm sure there are several reasons - the two that I think are at the top of the list are that it is a mindless escape and that their lives are always such a mess that we feel a little better about the much smaller messes we have in our own lives! Those are my theories anyway! Also, perhaps there is a tiny addictive quality to it - they give you just enough to want more, but never enough for you to feel satisfied and walk away! They are tv crack dealers! Just a thought! Over and out!

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