Wednesday, June 25, 2008

eco-friendly dishpan hands

So, it's hot and cloudy today - not my favorite combination!  The dishwasher died last week and I have ONE MORE DAY of doing dishes by hand!  It's not that I mind doing dishes that way, it's just that a family of 5 generate a lot of dishes!  Hubby has suggested paper plates etc (I think HE doesn't want to do any dishes!!) but I have been feeling very green lately (eco-friendly green not queasy green!) so I just can't make myself use paper plates - some how water conservation isn't as high on my list - it gets recycled fairly easily!!  

I have yet to water my lawn this year - you know with all the storms and flooding here and stuff - so I dragged the hoses out today.  ONE of the 3 works - the other 2 are full of holes and going in the trash - and TWO of 4 sprinkler heads works!  We thought about in ground this year but $$$$$$ and with all the rain...  now I get to go to Lowes and spend $$ on new hoses and sprinkers.  What a pain.  I wish these clouds were rain clouds and would do the work for me.

Today is hubby's bday (happy bday!!!).  Big S is at girl scout day camp and little S and little G are in VBS in the morning and my hair in the afternoons!  Maybe I could get them to run around the yard with the hose and water everything!!  Trying to clean and catch up with laundry sounds ever seem to be in the cards but it does get me some alone time since everyone runs away when I suggest helping me!  I'll take what I can get these days!!

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