Monday, June 16, 2008

life on the road

So, life on the road is always interesting!!!  The 3 crazy girls and I spent almost 2 weeks on the road - did over 1700 miles and I don't want to think about how much $$$ was spent on gas!  We did have a really good time!  We drove to my sister's place in Williamsburg and spent 3 fun, incredibly hot and sometimes crazy days with her and little man J!  Did I mention that it hit 101 while we were there? 

 I thought we were going to melt!  We did a fast and furious tour of colonial Williamsburg - apparently they didn't have air conditioning yet!  

Poor little man J had a baseball game in that heat!  They were real troopers playing 2 hours in that heat - anything for the sport!  We did manage to catch 'Kung Foo Panda' - great flick if you haven't seen it yet!  The highlight was probably the impromptu dance party the night that we got there!!  Words could not describe the sights, nor cameras accurately capture the fun (although I did try).  

We headed to my parents' place next, but not before stopping to show the girls where hubby and I went to college - they were actually old enough to think it was kinda cool - I think the last time they saw it they were in diapers!!  My parents' place was a much different pace - as you could imagine!  Big fun when mom and I took the girls to Dixie Caverns - they've never seen anything like it before.  The responses were a mix between cool and scary!  I think it was the only time during the trip that we weren't sweating!  

We celebrate my Dad's bday and father's day early since sis and little man J came out for the weekend.  We did the trip home in one day - ugh!  Luckily we had beautiful weather most of the time and the girls were really good - it just makes for a really long day - I walked in the house and straight to the couch - didn't even eat dinner I was so tired!  Now back to the chaos of our house for a while!!

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