Tuesday, September 16, 2008

5 favorite things...

A friend of mine told me yesterday that she was going to a 40th bday party and that the hostess had given everyone a little tote with their invite and asked them to put 5 of their favorite things in it and bring it to the party.  At some point during the party, they are going to exchange totes with others in the room.  I thought it might be fun to do that out here in blogland, I'll go first...  In my tote, I will put an extra-large, super soft blanket to curl up in, a copy of one of my favorite books - I think I'm in the mood for The Red Tent today, a large coffee mug (for sipping your favorite warm beverage), a compfy pair of lounging pjs and a box of chocolates to snack on!  Sounds like a perfect sunday afternoon to me!  Perhaps I will throw in some #10 knitting needles and a skein of alpaca yarn for a nice scarf in case I feel like chatting instead of reading!!  I'd love to hear what's in your tote!!!


Amazing_Grace said...

I would put my favorite tea from Adagio, a CD of nature sounds, Cucumber Melon creamy body wash and body lotion from Bath & Body Works, scented candles, and George Clooney.

Merrie said...

Very clever -- I like this!

Okay, let's see...how about a nice bottle of zinfandel, some fancy chocolate, brie, french bread and a dvd of Sex & the City: Season 6.

That's a good night for ME anyway!