Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've been tagged!!

Finally!  I've been tagged!  My dear friend The Mom tagged me (I guess I was on her mind after our girls' weekend) and apparently I am supposed to share my quirks with the world - my personal philosophy is that you can't figure them out, I shouldn't have to tell you about them!  However, I have whined about never having been tagged, so if I don't step-up and respond, then I will never get tagged again - and I REALLY want to be, so here it goes!!

1. I have a very specific order of how I do things in the shower.  My rationale is that you start at the top and work your way down so that you don't rinse dirt over and area that has already been cleaned - smart I think!  Shampoo, rinse, conditioner - hair up in a clip to let the conditioner soak in and do it's thing, wash face, wash body (top to bottom of course), shave (pits then leg - the whole top to bottom thing - and you don't want to shave before you wash and get dirt in a potential cut) then go back and rinse out conditioner.  Drying off is the same way - hair in a special super absorbent hair towel then dry top to bottom on front, then top to bottom on back, wrap towel around me and step out!

2. that's it, my only quirk!!  Just kidding!!  I like to have my closet organized in a very specific way - the shirts for example - all tanks together, then short sleeves, then long sleeves, then cardigans and sweat jackets - during the cold weather the order is reversed!

3. I must have milk in my coffee (preferrably 1%), not half and half (yuck) or creamer or worst of all powdered creamer!

4. I have no problem hanging out in my pjs all day if I'm not going anyway - they're so comfortable, who said that you had to be in bed to wear them?
5. I love taking pictures or regular things from irregular angles - trying to make it look abstract - my art form!

I am sure that there are plenty more - perhaps this will just be the first installment!! 
Off to watch another episode of Ace of Cakes - my favorite Food TV show!


Merrie said...

Interesting take on the showering...

I actually tagged you a while back, but then probably cleverly never told you. Just so you don't think nobody ever cared. ;)

Merrie said...

I like your take on the shower order!

I actually tagged you a while back, but then probably never told you. Just so you didn't think nobody ever cared. ;)