Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My fabulous birthday surprise!!

So, I return from my fabulous girls trip to Reno to open the garage door and find my birthday present waiting for me!  Then the girls and hubby jumped out and yelled "surprise!!"  I was so excited!!  I LOVE my cute little green beetle bug!  The girls and I are having so much fun buzzing around town in it!!  The Armada is hanging out and we will use it for camping, Costco runs,road trips,  carpooling etc... but the darling Beetle Bug will be my every day run around town car!
Isn't it darling?  Here it is that night with the with the big red bow and all my hand made cards!!  Great present, huh?!?

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Merrie said...

Wow! What a sweet gift! I'd love having a little car to buzz around in. Enjoy!