Saturday, October 4, 2008

Why I've been MIA....

So, I know that I've been MIA from blogland, but really, truly, I have a valid excuse!!  For the second year in a row, I have chaired the book fair at the girls' school.  Although it is a very successful event, it takes up all of my time for the week and a half - there is delivery, then set-up and decorating, then teacher preview day  - then the weekend to recouperate - then the book fair is all week 8am-3pm, plus one evening during the week then open again during our Fall Family Fun  Night (which is super crazy busy).  We usually raise a fairly good chunck of cash which we turn back around into book credits (which double our take) and put more books into our classrooms!  It's a win win situation, but I am usually dead tired by the end of the week.  It iw worth it and I love doing it, but it doesn't leave me any time for myself during that week and a half, so I apologize to both of my readers!!
 part of our book fair set up!  they did a GREAT job with the decorations!!  It was a safari theme this year!

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