Monday, October 6, 2008

Finally, the girls' weekend report!!

The destination this year?  Reno of course!!  We rented a house up in the hills with a very nice view of the golf course below and the hills beyond.  Of course all we really need is a place to sleep, a compfy living room with enough space for the 5 of us to sit, chat, eat, drink....  and a decent kitchen for Miss Bloom to work her magic in!!   It really doesn't matter where we are as long as we are together!! 
  and of course we always have our needles going while we do all the rest!!
 I believe that Miss Bloom may have started this one last year!!
 H doing her magic with the needles!!
 The ToeTat5 on the rooftop over Reno!  Friends are one of our greates gifts from God!
 Me and Ranch Girl
 H, Miss Bloom and Ranch Girl
 Jen, the Mom from Cheaper than therapy - one of the few times that the camera caught her before she caught the photographer looking her way!  I believe that she was playing "Butterfly Kisses" on the bottle!!
The trip is always too short and the time in between them too long.  The thing about the weekend is just being together, catching up on all the things that have happened during the year that never seem to warrant a seperate email or phone call, but always seem to come up in conversation when we are together.  It is knowing that there are four other women in the world who love for who I am, just the way I am, fat, thin, happy, sad, crazy...!  It is so great to just be together and hang out without any other distractions!  Those 3 or 4 days together are worth the 12 month wait each year!  Love you girls!!  See you next year in SB!!!


The Mom said...

Aye Caramba, that photo of me is many chins do I have?!

Miss you so much!

I wanna see your Beetle!! ;)

Amazing_Grace said...

Sounds like your girls had a great weekend! I'm so jealous! Glad to have ya back though. :)

mollybloom said...

Ah, what a sweet blog---I miss you too---wish you didn't live so darn far away!

And yes, I did start that scarf the year before----