Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hubby's back

After 2 weeks in the UK for work, hubby is back!  We are all quite happy - there were some ggod times in the estrogen only house, like when the rabbits got loose in the garage and we spent 45 minutes flushing them out, like the week of bookfair in which the girls spent as much time with me in there as they did in their classrooms that week and of course when they got to come listen to me speak at Bible study at 8:30pm thursday night cuz I couldn't leave them at home alone that late at night!  I'm sure they appreciated my examination of the Stations of the Cross from the prespective of Jesus' Sacre Heart, but it did get them home later than I would prefer!  He even met us at the pumpkin patch with Little G's girl scout troop - the girls were thrilled!  He on the other hand was toast!  Jet lagged, exhausted and really wanting a shower after traveling for about 10 hours!  
Yesterday me and Big S went for our hair appts - she got quite a trim - agout 4+inches!  I had decided several months ago that I wanted to go dark in the fall and so I did - well, we tried!!  My girlfriend is in the final month at cosmetology school and she does a fabulous job, but sometimes when you are there, there are too many cooks in the kitchen - that was the case yesterday!  Amazingly she and I both pointed to the same dye swatch the very first time, so we both knew what I wanted and how to get it!  Being a student, she has to have a teacher sign off on her formula before she mixes it and the teacher told her to add some red to prevent me from getting too ashen - a reasonable point.  Well, it didn't work out that way of course!  The red she told her to use had a blue base (rather than an orange base I guess) and my hair picked that up and although I LOVED the depth of the color and darkness, it had a purple hue that apparently was quite noticable in the light!  Big S said it was perfect for Halloween!  Just what I had in mind!  My friend was really upset because she did what she was told instead of going with her instinct and she was right!  Anyway, they used some sort of clarifying concoction on me - it involved salt, peroxide and some other stuff - anyway, the purple came out, but so did most of the color, bummer.  So, I am going back on friday to try again - the way we wanted to this time!!  Fingers crossed!!!


Ranch Girl said...

Glad to hear that hubby is back. Sure would have liked to see that purple hair!

Amazing_Grace said...

Welcome back hubby! I bet he's glad he can have good food for a change. When I was in the UK I lost 4 pounds in 10 days. LOL!

The Mom said...

Yay hubby is home, would have LOVED to see your hair too!