Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Santa,

I know that I may be a little old for this, but just in case Santa reads my blog, I thought I'd put a couple things out there that he may want to drop off when he's flying over Indy Christmas Eve!
Yes, this is the main body of the D3000 - beautiful, isn't it? It's the professional version of the D80 that I currently shoot. Now let me justify this by saying that I love my D80, but 1) I really need to have 2 camera going at most of my shoots and 2) I rented one to see what it's like and the quality of the pictures is waaay better than what I can currently produce! Of course, the lenses for my D80 don't work on the D300, so I would need a couple lenses too! The number one is the basic 18-135mm or whatever the equivalent is for this model - it's the basic, must have lens that will do a lot, but not all, of what my current needs are! Then of course, there are the next line of must haves - we'll call it the 2nd tier of useful lenses!

You need something that will give you a lot more distance, something that will give you a nice wide angle, and a fish eye for those fun shots! Not, I don't currently own a fish eye lens, so I will be happy with one that fit the D80 or the D3000!!
I just want to put that out there for you Santa, in case you were wondering what to get me that I can't/won't get for myself!!
PS The girls are working on their lists, so I'll send them out shortly! Glad to see your mailbox is out at Circle City Center!!


Jenni said...

Wasn't it you a week or so ago bemoaning the fact that Thanksgiving wasn't here and already we are decorating for Christmas (and making our Christmas lists)? Just checking.

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