Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A fabulous assignment...

I had the very distinct pleasure of photographing a beautiful Persian wedding ceremony this past weekend! I have never attended anything other than a christian or civil wedding ceremony and I was so excited to have this opportunity! The bride was absolutely lovely, the groom was sweet and the entire extended family was warm and welcoming! Can you tell I had a blast?
This first picture is of the sofreh aghd - it is a low table covered with all sorts of lovely things - all of which represent something important for the couple's future life together.
These men were on the sofreh aghd and are a personal favorite of the mother of the groom!
This is the couple's name in a middle eastern calligraphy
I love this picture! I worked pretty hard to get their reflection in the mirror to be in focus! The mirror and matching candlesticks on either side were hand carried from Iran by one of the family members -it is old and beautiful and hand carved in silver!
The wedding cake was beautiful! It had the paisley from the sand art on the sofreh aghd and their names in the same calligraphy as the red painting above.
Aren't they sweet?
A few of the guests dancing! It was quite a party! Lots of fabulous middle eastern music and beautiful dancing!
I couldn't get enough of the two grandmothers - I just thought they were darling!
The immediate family on the grooms side - I think some of them might have even left before we took this picture!!
Thank you so much for sharing your special day with me!


A Mom on Spin said...

Beautiful! And so rich with tradition!

Monique said...

Beautiful photos! Sounds like you had fun!

Found you at MBC