Friday, November 6, 2009


Ok, so it's better late than never! I of course HAVE to post Halloween pictures! The girls were cute again this year - of course! Big S wore her fire suit and sunglasses with her .25 hat (her favorite racing hat I think!), Little S wore the same cat costume as last year but had a different tail, ears and shoes (had to mix is up a little!), and Little G wore a cute little witch costume (she definitely was a good witch with all that pink and flowers!) and for those of you who were curious, I included a picture of me in my handmade kimono (I'm holding a friend's darling little super girl) - It's not a great picture, but all the full length pictures were taken by a child (who will remain nameless so as not to appear chastised for their skills) and because of the angle, I look like a complete cow! I sprayed my hair black and tried to do some geisha makeup (but didn't have any white cake makeup for my face, so I had to make do! I did put some chopstick in my hair that my parents brought me back from China (my parents went to China and all I got were these lousy chopsticks! not really, they brought us lots of cool stuff, but it sounded funny in my head!)

It was a little nippy out and no one wanted to wear a coat - they look chilly, don't they?
Big S - we made the chechered flag bag to go with the outfit!!
Little S - my cute kitty!!!
Little G - loved the cute feather broom!!
me and Super Baby!! Her "big" sister was super girl - it was waaay too cute!

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