Monday, July 21, 2008

if I were on tv...

H and I were talking the other night while watching "Big Brother" and you won HOH, what would you want in your HOH roo, specifically your basket.  Good blog question I thought!

1. of course you want as many pictures as they will give you of your loved ones!  I can do without ones of me - either current or from the past like they often do - they have mirrors, I know what I look like!!
2. I would want an endless supply of diet coke (regular and Cf - or silver and brown as we call them in our house!) and hazelnut coffee with Splenda and 1% organic milk!
3. for my cd, I would want Sirius radio's Spirit channel to make a mixed cd for me - I can't commit to just one band
I would beg for books.. I am currently reading Janet Evanovich's series, so some of them would be nice - I would have already taken my Bible in with me since it has endless reading material!
4. snack - a steady stream of chocolate is a must - I'm not too picky, a huge bag of kisses would keep me going, I would want chips,salsa and queso dip, some extra sharp cheddar (VT not CA made) and some good crackers to go with it and strawberry twizzlers
5. I would want a deck of cards or two, maybe mancala since I haven't ever really gotten chess (of course with little else to do in the house, perhaps I could finally get it!!)
6. my knitting - several projects worth - give you something to do with you hands while you're sitting outside talking strategy!
Of course, who am I kidding, I would be gone so early in the game that I wouldn't have time to get all that bored!  I have a terrible poker face!!
So, my readers, what would you want in your HOH basket......

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The Mom said...

Chocolate, a good book, and some knitting. Funny, that's what i'm taking to Reno! ;)