Thursday, July 10, 2008

a visit back to our roots...

While we were out of town, the girls and I had a chance to go back to Connecticut where we used to live and visit some friends!  Trips down memory lane can often be fun - this was no exception!  We were able to show the girls our old house - doesn't look the same at all, when we lived there it was white, had a fence and a garage and no front porch, but they got the general idea!  The fun thing was that we planted a dogwood tree when Big S was born and it was still there!  Little S was only 6 weeks old when we left CT for sunny California and of course Little G wasn't even born yet!  They got a kick out of seeing it nonetheless!!
Of course, no visit back to CT is complete without a stop at ShadyGlen!!  We were there several times a week when I was pregnant with both Big S and Little S!!  They make all 30+ flavors of ice cream on site and their cheese burgers are to die for!  The rest of the food is great too, but nothing beats the 50s uniforms and paper hats the employees STILL wear!!!
Of course the best part of the trip was visiting with our old neighbor Chris and her family!  Our backyards used to overlap and we spent many after work hours chatting at the fence!  She doesn't live in the same town anymore either, but for some reason her house looked pretty much the same!  It was great to finally meet their daughter A - she is almost a year old and this was our first chance - darn those gas and airline prices!!  The girls had a blast playing with her and their Akita Tomo!  Chris and I finally had a chance to catch up face to face after not seeing each other for 2 years!  It was a wonderful 2 days!!

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The Mom said...

Sweet little A...I remember Chris didn't she come to your 35th party??