Tuesday, July 15, 2008

japanese beetles......

These horrible little creatures are my one true sworn enemy.  

I HATE them.  They are mean and ugly, they devour all my hard work in my yard every year if I am not on top of things!  They are nasty little things that come out every year in the summer and eat my plants and have sex - they are worthless creatures unless they are being devoured by a bird - then I'm all for them as bird food!!

I got back in town after 2+weeks only to find out that these evil little creatures arrived during my absence.  They have already taken the top off of one of my trees - I am out to buy some Sevin and kill them ALL!!

Do I have an anger management issue?  Possibly ;)  But I still hate them!!!


ali said...

I feel your pain--the catawba worms are eating everything around here!

Btw, I love the toenails from the wedding post!

The Mom said...

Curse you Japanese beetles!

mollybloom said...

The rabbits are killing me this year. I'm lucky Bill doesn't have the camera handy when I run out first thing in the morning in my jammies scaring those darn bunnies away from my shrubs.

I understand your pain!