Saturday, July 5, 2008

wedding fun....

So, last night we attended the beautiful wedding of Jamie and Nick (the bride is hubby's cousin).  My first 4th of July wedding and I must give serious props to the bride!  
I have never seen anything like it!   The theme was everywhere, but done with such class!  The bride had a red sash (as you can see above) and red trip on her veil and the maid of honor was in red and the bridesmaids wore blue (the corresponding men matched the women).  The ceremony was lovely - everything you would want - sweet, simple, meaningful...  My girls got to pass out the programs beforehand - made by the bride in the theme of course with patriotic paper and ribbon!!  We threw red and white rose petals after the ceremony - the girls passed those out too!
The flower girls stole the show in red, white and blue tutus -adorable!!!

Look at this amazing cake!  There was also a cupcake cake of red and blue cupcakes with white stars on them!!
The reception was amazing!  They had a live 12 piece band that was fabulous and a dj that took over when they were on break!  They had pails full of red, white and blue flip flops for everyone to change into for dancing - how thoughtful!!  There were tvs everywhere playing pictures that the photographers had taken throughout the evening (they were more like paparazzi and there was a videographer and his crew too!).  The lighting was amazing and they had the "Nick and Jamie" logo in lights on the dance floor.  They had a photobooth (which was broken unfortunately) where you were supposed to get those pictures in a strip taken and then put them in their guestbook - super cool idea!  Instead of place cars, they had those old-fashioned red, whit and blue swirled lollipops with your table assignment on it!  The tables were decorated really nicely and they had one separate kids' table with crayons and pads for the kids to draw with and then each kid had a flag colored bag on the back of their chair FILLED with fun stuff!  They thought of everything!  In lieu of favors, they gave out these "support our troops" bracelets and had made a donation in honor of their guests to an organization that 'supports our troops' - a really nice idea! 
Only Jamie could pull off these glasses!  They had pictures after the ceremony at a friend's gorgeous backyard!!  I can hardly wait to see the pictures!
have to put a little shout-out to my favorite great uncle (hubby's actually) Uncle Gene!! I love this man!  If I weren't married, I'd be his trophy wife in a second ;)  Sadly he was widowed a few years ago.

The girls and I played nail salon all day - I did 40 toenails and 40 fingernails!  Everyone's was different - everyone chose their own pattern!  What fun - the bride actually noticed and was thrilled!!  Can you guess who's is who's??

The bride and groom at the rehearsal dinner :)  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!!!!!!!!


The Mom said...

What a fun time!! Love the theme!

Merrie said...

Amazing!! I so wish I could do mine over again -- I'd have a lot more fun with it and be unique. I guess there's always the 10 year vow renewal, right?