Saturday, January 17, 2009

another meme....

I received this meme from Amazing Grace 
The game goes as follows... you are randomly given a letter and you must list 10 things you like that start with that letter. 

 I got the letter G! perhaps Gayle should be at the top of the list!?!  That's too easy!  So in no particular order....

1. my Girls -Big S, Little S and Little G (I'm the big G!)
2. Giggles - especially when coming out of my girls!
3. Games - playing them with my family or friends
4. Gardening
5. Grapes - white or red, just seedless please!
6. God - probably should have put him #1
7. Garden Gnomes - they're so cute!
8. Gingerbread cookies and houses
9. Greece - I really really want to go there one day!
10. Groundhog Day - the movie to be specific, it's hysterical!!

 how about a twist?  10 things I DON'T like that start with G.  Again in no particular order....

1. Gravity - it's affects on the body with aging specifically!
2. G-strings/thongs - who's idea were these things?
3. German - I may be of German descent, but I don't understand the language and the food isn't that great, although the beer is!
4. Geese - Canadian to be specific - they are loud and they poop everywhere
5. Guns
6. Groundhogs - only when they see/don't see their shadow - which ever on means more winter!!
7.  Grouchy people
8. Goats - actually I'm fine with that but Big S REALLY hates them
9. Glasses - reminds me that I'm getting old!!
10. Garbage - taking it out mostly

not too hard!  who shall I tag?  Perhaps I'll leave it up to you - let me know you're doing it and I'll give you your letter!!


Elisabeth said...

I just finished mine! I got the letter "P" and it was fun! I also thought about twisting it into a list of what I didn't like that started with "P", but I decided not to.

Jenni said...

I wanna letter.

Jenni said...

I wanna letter.

Amazing_Grace said...

The Church Lady doesn't like garden gnomes. She likes to toss them in storm drains (out of sight, out of mind). LOL!

Beth said...

Hi Gayle! I didn't know you had a blog but I found you through Jenni's. It was good to see you this morning at MFC. :)

Elisabeth said...

You've received an award on my blog. Please go check it out. Thank you!