Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spin Cycle

Reading others' posts often leads me to think.... Liz at A mom on spin a post that she read by Jen at Sprites Keeper where Jen challenges other bloggers with a topic on her weekly Spin Cycle and this week's topic was WHAT IF...  so I thought I'd give it a try too!!


-children knew what a hamper was and chose to use it for it's given purpose?

 -men retained above said information from their childhood and again, used it?

 -santa brought grown ups presents too - like gift certificates for house cleaners, massages, personal chefs, mani/pedi.....?

-children didn't turn into teenagers before they became young adults?

-men could give birth?

-movie theater popcorn wasn't bad for you?

-the candy sold at movie theaters wasn't the same size as your carry-on luggage?

-children didn't know more about technology than their parents?

-middle age didn't mean an increase in the earth's gravitational pull?

-driveways could shovel themselves?

-dirty laundry didn't multiply like rabbits?

-the dishes really did wash themselves?

-preteen girls could talk in groups at a normal octave?

-there was a machine that could freeze everything so you could actually have a girls' night out with your friends to have a bottle, I mean glass, of wine and commiserate with?

what are your WHAT IFs?


Amazing_Grace said...

What if hubby takes a shower and finally shaves?

By the way, your letter is G! Go for it! LOL!

lizspin said...

Great "what if's!" I like them better than my own!