Sunday, January 11, 2009

I got a meme!!

I got tagged by my "big brother" in  a meme from blog "that's what I was going to say" at!  Bryan is a fabulous guy who became my KA big brother back in 1986 at University of Richmond and although our "in touch" status has waxed and waned over the years, the blogoshphere has helped to to reconnect and stay in touch for which I am very grateful! He's the kind of guy that is a lifelong friend because he is true and genuine and he is who he is from first glance - there is never a doubt about where he stands or where he is coming from and therefore you know that once you have earned his friendship, that it is a true friendship regardless of whether you see him daily or not for lots and lots of years (I sadly fall in that category!!).  Anyhoo, he tagged me and I am therefore obligated by blog law to respond!!  Here it goes....
7 things about me
the rules of the game are as follows
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7 things about me....

1. I hate sandwiches!  Now, before you gasp, there are a few caviates to that statement.  I should probably say I hate normal sandwiches.  I will eat them on bagels, croissants, pitas, tasted bread, crunchy rolls... BUT I like them pretty plain.  I like a meat (one at a time) and a cheese (just one also) and I often prefer that the sandwich be warm somehow (at least one ingredient), I do not like condiments on my sandwich and I don't add anything else - just a meat, a cheese and some sort of non-mushy bread product.

2. You will never catch me reading just one book at a time.  At any given moment I have a multitude of books going at one time.  Multiple pleasure reads to suit my every mood are floating all over the house.  I also have a self help book and some sort of Bible study usually floating in the mix also.  Our house is full of book cases!  Each kid has one in her room, there are 2 in the kitchen/nook area - one for cookbooks, one for kid books, two in the office, one in our bedroom in addition to each of our bedside tables, one in one of our bathrooms and 2 other bathrooms with large baskets full of reading materials!  I won't even add all the books that float homeless throughout our house, cars, tote bags....  We love books!!

3. I too hard an early childhood television debut!  When I was 3 or 4 we lived on a naval base in Kodiak Alaska and there was this fabulous (in my memory) kids show that came on right before The Electric Company called Captain Alaska.  I have a super vivid memory of hearing my name called at the end of the program in the list of children who would be appearing on the show and freaking out! We have pictures of me in this cute little white sailor dress (of course) with navy trim sitting on Captain Alaska's lap!  It was a fabulous thing!  Funny how my memory is more about hearing my name called to be on the show rather than actually being on the show, but there it is!!

4. I enjoy reality tv - now that is NOT a blanket statement, I definitely don't like all of the shows out there, but I find myself fairly easily sucked-in when one of those shows is one.. I like variety also - I don't just follow the romance shows, or the talent show, I tend to like just one in each category!  My favorites in reality tv land are American Idol, Survivor, So You  Think You Can Dance, The Bachelor (not every season though), The Real Housewives of Orange County (don't like the NY or Atlanta versions) - it is not a fact that I am proud of, but it is true.

5. I love to sew, knit, cook, do yard work - I hate to clean, iron, pay bills, paint walls  - I don't mind laundry (actually doing it, not putting it away), dishes, vaccuming.  When I was a kid I loved spending the weekend in my room rearranging and organizing by drawers and closet.  Weird, huh?  Wish my kids had the same problem!!

6. I have a serious case of over-volunteeritis.  I can't say no and I love being involved and in the mix, but I don't know my own limits and then I either have to back-pedal and withdraw myself, or I end up with scheduling conflicts and find myself stretched way too thin!

7.  I am a last-minute-Lucy.  i work best facing a deadline at crunch time.. I don't like being that way and I often try to work ahead, but it is never the same and I am much more productive and successful at the last minute.  Sad to say.

So, there it is.  7 things you may not have known about me!  Now for the school yard pick!!
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Elisabeth said...

I'm a Last Minute Lucy, also! There's nothing like waiting until the last minute to get things done!

Ranch Girl said...

I hate to say it (well, actually I don't) but I dropped my blog. This year is the year to try to connect with old friends/new friends/people on a face to face (or phone to phone) basis. I spend too much time on my computer as it is, and so unfortunately my blog became just one more thing on the computer that sucked my time. I do enjoy reading other people's blogs though ...

Jamey said...

Oh I am the same way about sanwiches we could totally eat together! I am also last minute Lucy especially about cleaning the house before something major! Thanks for the tag!

Amazing_Grace said...

I posted my meme. :)

Bryan said...

Hey - you make me sound like a half-decent guy! (There are a few women out there who might disagree strongly with you...)

Loved reading your 7 - great job!

Merrie said...

I'll post mine today or tomorrow. Thanks for including me -- I love all the things you shared. :)