Friday, July 3, 2009

drivers, start your engines....

Have I mentioned that Big S has a new hobby?  Yup, your guessed it - driving quarter midgets!  Big fun!  Here she is standing next to the car we're renting!
getting ready to get out on the track - check out the super cool yellow and red fire suit!  hubby's helping her get all strapped in - I'm amazed at how significant the safety equipment is!
you have to admit, she looks pretty cool!  Her helmet's not here yet, hopefully in time for the next race!  meanwhile, this one definitely has seen some track time ;)
looking cool out on the track running some practice laps - very exciting!!
we are still very much getting our feet wet with this whole racing thing, but so far we are having a lot of fun and she is picking it up super fast!  Her coach/car owner is a great guy - old school track man with a big bark and absolutely no bite - you can tell he adores coaching the novice class kids and they adore him and want to make him proud!!!

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