Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

Before we kick back and enjoy some of these tonight,
let us pay tribute to those who have gone before us to make this day possible
and those who have gone ahead of us in the kitchen to make sure our bellies are full on this day!
and those beautiful symbols of our freedom!
And in an effort to pay an appropriate tribute to this remarkabale day, I am considering some outfits for the family!!!  Divit and Napoleon will look fabulous in this one!
I haven't decided which one of these next 2 I'm going to put the girls in yet;)

hubby will look so dapper in this one!
and last but not least, momma herself will be making an appearance in this fabulous getup!!

If only I had the kahonas to really show up in this!!  Instead, we will be spending most of the day at the track and then back to the homestead for a yummy dinner and probably fireworks around the neighborhood!!  Hope all of you have a safe and fun 4th!!

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