Monday, July 20, 2009

Where have I been??

I wish I had a good excuse other than I've just been super busy with life!  Little Sister's wedding is in 11 days, but we are heading to sunny CA in less than 48 hours and there has been ALOT to do to get the 5 of us ready!  There are 4-5 dinners that we need outfits for that are church appropriate at the very least and cocktail dressy (but not tux dressy thank goodness) on the far end!  Lots of running around town coordinating outfits - hubby's ties had to go with our outfits for 2 nights, one night he doesn't have to wear a tie, but still has to coordinate with us, plus another dressy dinner or two, plus a day of wine tasting!  You know I am planning the outfits so we can get some good family pictures!!  I'm exhausted just thinking about it but SUPER EXCITED!!  D & Little Sister are a great couple and will have a wonderful life together!  The wedding events are all well planned elegant events that everyone will enjoy a great deal - I can hardly wait to post pictures when I get back!!  Another bonus is that we will get to see some old friends from when we lived out west several years ago!!  Stay tuned!

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Ranch Girl said...

so sad I won't get to see you, but we do have October!