Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Little sister's wedding shower!

So, regardless of how much she said she didn't want one, and despite the fact that she said she didn't want any gifts - being a second wedding and all.  We were able to talk her into it!  Her good friend K who lives near her and who used to work with her offered to co-host it with me!  Co-host ha!  She put my name on it and let me pay for part of it, but bless her heart, she did ALL the work AND she did an amazing job at that!  Since the wedding is in Napa, she chose a wine and cheese theme and it was really nice!  She had several cheeses and wines for people to taste as well as a generous choice of finger foods and desserts!  
Little sister gets all sorts of embarrassed opening gifts in front of people!  It was really cute!
We weren't allowed to play any silly games, but we did get several pictures from our mom and put them on this easel and had people guess little sister's age in each of them - there were prizes for the top two - little sister and I did not win any prizes -we sucked!  In our defense, mom got several of the dates wrong but the rules were that we had to go with the ages mom put on the back.  It was rigged I tell you!!!
Here's me (of course I hate the picture), friend L and little sister - towards the end of the shower!
friends L & M with my co-hostess and little sister
Good food, good friends, good times!  It was a nice afternoon and got everyone really excited for the big day!!

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Merrie said...

Congrats to your sister! I hope I'll be seeing you this weekend. :)