Sunday, August 24, 2008

another moment to remember!

For those of you who know my little G, this story will be another tale in a long and continuing sting of "that could only happen to her.." stories!  For the rest of you, it will at least provide a chuckle!  Little G turned 7 Aug 17th and much to her dismay still had not lost any of her baby teeth - not many 2nd graders have that claim to fame!  In the spring at her dentist appt they told her that she had several that were just barely loose and would soon be coming out - of course she was delighted.  That lead to me wiggling 4 different teeth at least once a day since that time!  Finally one began to make some progress and we focused our efforts on it.  Two months later, it is looser, but not considering actually coming out yet.  Then the other night, she came back downstairs after bedtime and asked me to try again - this time I though we might have some hope!  She asked me to pull it, but I couldn't get a good grip, so I had her lie down on th couch beside me and I tried again.  This time it popped right out!  I gave a itle squeal which caused her to jump, which caused me to drop the tooth, which went straight down her throat!  We were all amazed!  She had swallowed her very first tooth!  
That led us to a problem.. how would the tooth fairy know she had finally lost her 1st tooth if there was no evidence to put under her pillow?  I gave her 2 options: #1 write the tooth fairy a note and explain the situation (Dad liked this one!) or #2 wait for it to reappear like corn (no one was real excited about this choice as you can imagine!).  Thank my lucky stars she went with option #1 and the tooth fairy took her word on it!!  Everyone is happy again and she looks just darling with her little gap and her darling little lisp!

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The Mom said...

My Boy has only lost the two bottom teeth at 7, i thought that was bad! Poor G, at least you didn't have to search and recover!

I just got a call from the speech therapist to review MB's file for the year. I can just see 3 years of therapy go down the drain when his lisp gets worse after losing his two top teeth. *sigh*