Wednesday, August 27, 2008

my hang up

This may seem trivial to some of you, but to me, this is a real problem.  They do not seem to make junior sized hangers.  
What do I mean?  I mean that Big S's clothes are too big to go on the kids' hanger that I have - they slide right off -  but the adult-size hangers are still too big - they go to the elbows in her shirts and jackets!  I have a hard enough time trying to get her to keep her carpet visible, but if her clothes won't stay on the hangers, she sure isn't going to make the extra effort to put them back on after they fall off.  Are there any tweenie moms out there that have a solution I haven't thought of - desperate times call for desperate measure!  Put out the alert!!

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Ranch Girl said...

This site seems to have a variety of sizes - it looks like adult hangers are 17", and in the toddler/junior section they range from 9" to 14" - seems like there might be something that works for you in there. By the way, I DO have a ton of stuff to do, but apparently looking for hangers for you is more important?!