Sunday, August 17, 2008

Little G turns 7!!

It's hard to believe, but my baby turned 7 today (sniff).  Where did the years go?
Funny story about this birthday party though...  as is often the case with Little G, things seem to take on a life of their own.... 
At first she just wanted to have a party with the 5 of us (last year ALL 5 of us went to Build-a-Bear and yes, we each and to make our own bear (ok, hubby made a turtle, but you get the point), and then we went to Chuck E Cheese for dinner (did you know that they serve beer there - what wise person came up with that I wonder, makes the place much more tolerable!).  Anyway, I digress...  it was supposed to be just the 5 of us again (don't ask me why, her sisters always want a gazillion kids at their parties) and then she decides that she wants her best friend M and her family to join us - yeah!  We love the parents and I will have someone to talk to when the kids (and hubby) go off to play games.  Then she wanted C and her family to join us (now I'm getting worried because the party is a week away and it is evolving before my eyes).  Then thursday night (keep in mind her birthday is sunday) she decides she wants to add more friends!!  YIKES!!  I get online to Chuck E's party planner and they can take us, so I get on the phone and call a few parents, apologize for the late notice, explain my daughter's evolving birthday scenario and lo and behold, EVERYONE but one can come!  Fast forward to saturday night and hubby is making toll-house sheet cookie for her cake (I'm a smooth talker, huh?  he didn't know what hit him and the next thing he knows, he's baking a cookie cake!!)  We decorate the cake sunday morning (my job)and leave early for the party to stop at the party store and get stuff for goody bags... 2pm we are in Chuck E Cheese and the birthday girl couldn't be happier!
Chuck E makes an appearance!!
The moral of the story?  Don't diss the mouse - he can save your a** when a last minute birthday party becomes an issue in your home!

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