Monday, August 25, 2008

You remember those days, right?  Slumber parties are soooo much fun - until the next day when you are worthless from lack of sleep!  Well, Big S had her 10th bday in July but because so many people were out of town, we postponed her party for a month.  The theme was 10 - obvious, but cute!  It started with inviting 10 guests - actually 11, but one couldn't come, then one was a no show, so including mine, we had 11 girls at the party until bedtime, then one more left because she had early plans the next morning, so really there were only 10 girls sleeping on the basement - ONLY 10!!  Anyway, the party really was a lot of fun and Big S deserves most of the credit - I did the shopping, but she had the vision and gave me the list!  She may have a future in event planning.  The goody bags were little spa kits put together mostly from the Target dollar section - yipee!  Instead of a cake, she wanted everyone to be able to decorate their own cupcakes.  I found those little Reynolds aluminum cupcake tins in the shape of a heart at Big Lots for $1 (24 tins for $1 I might add) and did 12 vanilla cake and 12 dozen per the birthday girl.  I was also instructed to put sprinkles in the tins before I put the batter in - another cute idea per the bday girl! They ate dinner, played, opened presents, watched a movie, decorated cupcakes, watched another movie, went to bed (mind you I didn't say sleep)!  I slept on the couch in the living room in case anyone needed anything and I was only woken up once!  One girl had to leave at 8am, so I went downstairs to wake her up at 7:45am and much to my chagrin, everyone was up by the time she left.  I hadn't expected to see them so soon - I thought I was going to get to go back to sleep - bummer.  Good news is that breakfast is hubby's thing - pancakes and turkey bacon for everyone and I didn't have to lift a finger!  All but one were gone by 11am and I spent pretty much the rest of the day on the couch - I was more tired than the kids - age was not serving me well!  All in all it was a successful party and I am done with birthday parties until next June!  Yea for me!

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