Wednesday, August 20, 2008

housewife test....

What kind of a housewife am I you ask?  Depends on what is on the rubric you are using to grade me - my guess is not so good in the cleaning department, better on the fun department!  So, I took a test and this is what I found.....


As a 1930s wife, I am

I am average.  I'll take that!  I was so afraid that I would fail!  Now I am going to ignore the fact that it is a test to see what kind of 1930s wife I am and just pretend that the standards are the same!!  Certainly they must all balance themselves out.  I lose points for housekeeping certainly, but there are other areas that I can come back strong in!  Wanna see how you stack up?  
Take the test yourself at  and let me know how you do - ok, if you kick my butt I'll be bummed, but let me know anyway!!


The Mom said...

I got a SIX.

Amazing_Grace said...

According to the test it says:


(As a 1930's wife I am superior.

If I show this to my hubby I know he will laugh. LOL!)