Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DC day 2.....

So here begins the DC spring break trip update part two!!  We began Sunday with aching feet and legs from our jaunt through the zoo, but not to be stopped, we had a full day ahead of us!  We saw these beautiful tulips outside some public building, can't remember where, but they were the prettiest we say all week!

We started at the Spy Museum - super duper cool place, we needed way more time than we allotted, there is so much to see and do - there is a lot of interactive stuff that we had to pass by.  Definitely on the list of places to return to at another time to do properly.  The big bummer is that NO pictures were allowed - not even in the lobby.  I can't figure out why - ok, there's spy stuff, but if the public can see it all, it's not exactly secret anymore, so I don't understand, but I guess it doesn't matter whether or not I understand, I still didn't get to take any pictures and that doesn't make me happy.
We had lunch with hubby's friend from high school and his wife and son!  It was great to see them - it had been waaaaay too long - we had never met their son and they hadn't met little S or little G.  It was like we had seen them last month -we caught up fast and really enjoyed getting together!  We won't let it be so long between our next visit!

Then we were off to the Museum of American History - the second part of the Smithsonian  (the zoo was the first) and again, we didn't allow enough time!  Although in our defense, they kicked everyone out at 5pm and they are supposed to be open until 7pm, but they had some private party and the commoners had to go!  We only got to see the 3rd floor, so we missed the First Lady gown, Archy Bunker's chair....  but we did see lots of good stuff - second thing on our list of places to visit again!
Kermit d frog here.... who doesn't love Kermit?  It was cool seeing him up close!
And for you Seinfeld fans... the puffy shirt!!  Hysterical!  My kids didn't get it at all!  

Little G thought it was cool to see C3PO - once we reminded her what he was from!!

Little S compared her hand to Abraham Lincoln's - he was a big man, even compared to my hands!!

This is the cuff from the woman who played the lead at the play that Lincoln was watching when he was shot.  Apparently those are blood spots on it (Lincoln's blood of course) that got on her clothing when she ran over to see if he was ok.  Kinda cool, kinda creepy.

Big S pretending to be giving a speech on the Presidential podium!

This picture turned out really cool!  They were mounted on a green wall but since they were reflective, that the background didn't show up at all!

This was a cool barrier wall that I just had to get a picture of!!

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That spy museum seems great. . .didn't know about it.