Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I ain't no fool.... myspace graphic comments
Myspace April Fools Day Comments

My family LOVES April Fools Day!  Sad to say, I wasn't raised in a home filled with harmless little pranks, but hubby WAS!  He and his mom used to love to short sheet each other's beds - now we do it to the kids!!  Hubby got the kids really well a couple of years ago with the very simple, but effective, prank of announcing that we had a ton of snow outside and that school was cancelled!  They fell for it hook, line and sinker!  Needless to say not only were they mad that their dad had got them so easily, but they were doubly mad that there really was school!!  I love a good prank - I occasionally can even enjoy one played on me - occasionally! I truly enjoy being on the pranking side WAY more!  I'm sure that comes as no surprise!!  I am planning on changing everyone's sheets and short sheeting their beds while they are in school - we'll see if they fall for that obvious one!  Does anyone have a super, yet harmless prank that they played successfully?  I'm not into ones that hurt feelings or people in general - I like them to be able to laugh at it too!  I'm feeling a little uninspired, especially when it comes to hubby - I may be googling pranks for him later!!!  I'll let you know tomorrow how the day goes - hopefully I don't have a gullible day myself ;)
Happy Pranking!!

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